What a fucking tease

I need your wet pussy right fucking now

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Dec 24 2013

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Nov 29 2012

Anonymous said: What do you think about twerking? Would it turn you on if a girl twerked for you?

twerking is like”funk” here in Brazil, but the girls have some giant ass! I don’t think it’s so atractive that type of ass!

Nov 26 2012
Nov 19 2012

Anonymous said: I love your blog and have been waiting for you to update a long ass time so stoked

i will update more now, i promisse

Nov 17 2012






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Oct 28 2012
Sep 19 2012

now I have a computer again!

so, now, I have a computer and I’ll come back to this bog! thank you, god!

Jul 23 2012

stewardessesandassortedothers said: Where are you?

My computer broke and now I just used my iPod and it doesn’t work very well to publish on tumblr

Anonymous said: I've been scrolling through your blog and i just fingered myself to all of your sexy gifs. All I wanna do is rub pussies with you and eat you out until you cum your sweet cum all over me. I wanna taste you. I just squirted all over my room and my room mate heard me because I was screaming so loud but I don't care. He'll probably finally fuck me.

I wish he fucks you til you bleed

Apr 21 2012

Anonymous said: it's really funny... we live in the same city and we've never seen each other! btw, i miss you xx

yes, it’s really really funny baby.

Apr 16 2012
since I told here that I like guys too, some guys are now following me. So, where are you guys? My ask is open for you too.

since I told here that I like guys too, some guys are now following me. So, where are you guys? My ask is open for you too.

fr33dan said: I take you by surprise, grabbing you suddenly. Your startled, but not unwilling. Quickly your pants are off and my finger slip into your already wet pussy. When you're on the edge of cumming, I stop. I then start teasing your pussy with my cock. Then finally just as you start to beg I shove myself fully inside you. Slowly our speed builds, becoming erratic as we approach climax. You scream as your orgasm starts. Your spasming pussy setting me off, milking all of my cum into your fertile pussy.

Anonymous said: More pussy teasing you making me get a boner

Anonymous said: Ur making me soo wet I started fingering mysself and groaning and then my flat ate saw me and started pussy teasing me thanks babe now we have sex every time were in the apartment ;) Mabey one day I will with you

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